January 2012 – An electric Brewing Primer by B Zomerlei, PTB Bourbon
Barrel Cider Project

February 2012 – Electric Brewing Part II ( no incriminating photos in this one), Hunting Time Expo Demo Write-up

March 2012 – Electric Brewing Part III. Eric writes up the BJCP Exam.   Siciliano’s 9th annual Comp.  GLINTCAP 7th Annual Comp.

April 2012 – GLINTCAP Coverage

May 2012 – Siciliano’s Homebrew Party

June 2012 – A Haunted Brewpub?  NHC Winners!  MBC Announcement.

July 2012 – Yards Tavern Ales.  Josh Johnson’s Gingerbread Stout Cake with Caramel-Ale Sauce recipe

August 2012 – Summer Bash Announcement!  Celis has a new home (back in Texas)

September 2012 – What the hell is “Boche”?  Jeff writes up the Summer Bash

October 2012 – Another Hunting Story.

November 2012 – Jon drinks beer in Dublin.  Hogtoberfest report.  Club Bourbon Barrel Cider – Want some?

December 2012 – Eric writes up obscure beer styles.

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