January 2013 Eric’s dirty fridge.  Brian Tennis writes about soil and hops

February 2013 Julia Herz: Decoding Flavors.  Eric Fouch: Making Sake

March 2013 Olive Oil in beer?  Big Brew Update, Siciliano’s HB Contest

April 2013 How to get your own yeast strain,  Big Brew 2013 Recipe

May 2013 – No more AHA COC!  Beer-Wine Hybrids

June 2013 – A rant about committees –  Not really about beer.  Big Brew Day report-  Mostly about beer.

July 2013 – Obscure Beers Part 2. AHA Write Up.  O’Conner’s HB Contest.

August 2013 – About Vienna Lager.  Pictures from the Summer Bash.  Hogtoberfest Flyer

September 2013 Hotoberfest Flyer (I got lazy), MBC Winners, Malting Article

October 2013 2014 NHC Stratergery.  Strong Scotch Ale Recipe (
I think I’ll try it!)

November 2013 More 2014 NHC stuff.  And no deer stories.

December 2013 KBS Brewing mishap. A Christmas Poem.  AHA Rally Info

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