CamillaInSpaceJanuary 2014- Christmas in January!  Eric’s article on Eau de Vie.

February 2014 – More on NHC Planning.  Siciliano’s Calendar of Events.  GLINTCAP Info

March 2014 – What’s the next big beer trend?  KBS Release schedule.  Jeff’s Wood Stock Ale recipe!

April 2014 – GLINTCAP Report.  36th Annual NHC

May 2014 _ More NHC Planning.  Is there anything else to talk about right now?!

July 2014 – The NHC Is Done!  Nitro beers explained

August 2014 – The History of The Primetime Homebrewers, The Premiere Homebrew Club of Grand Rapids.  Homebrew Club Insurance Info.

September 2014– A comparison of BJCP 2008 and BJCP 2014 Style Guidelines.  Barrel Aging tips.

October 2014 – Too Many Brewpubs?  Homebrew Hacks – Keg Leaks, Shipping your homebrew

November 2014 – What you need to know about honeys and meads.  Feeding Yeast.  Patersbier recipe.

December 2014 – PTB Bourbon Barrel Cyser Project.  Making spent grain flour.


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