The Rubber Chickens

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So, what’s the deal with the “Rubber Chicken” thing, anyway?

Excellent query.  Well done!  After conferring with club historians, it turns out that back in the 90’s when the club was forming,  the discussion turned towards Charlie Papazian’s relatively new book, “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing”.  One particular recipe in the book tickled their fancy – The recipe for Cock Ale.  A real recipe.  Repeated below, from the original text from The Flowing Bowl, published in Britain in 1899:

Herewith is the recipe:

In order to make this take 10 gallons of ale and a large cock, the older the better.  Parboil the cock, flay him and stamp him in a stone mortar till his bones are broken (you must craw and gut him when you flay him), then put the cock into 2 quarts of sac [sixteenth-century dry Spanish white wine], and put to it 3 pounds of raisins of the sun stoned, some blades of mace, a few cloves; put all these into a canvas bag, and a little before you find the ale has done working, put the ale and a bag together into a vessel; in a week or 9 days bottle it up, fill the bottles but just above the neck, and give it the same time to ripen as other ale.

So.  In homage to this recipe, and a shout out to C.Pap for including it in his book, not to mention consumption of medicinal malted beverages, the news letter was dubbed “The Rubber Chicken”.