“Thursty Thirsday”

2019   **Every First Thursday**

January- DeHops Brewing

February – The Mitten Brewing

March –  Gravel Bottom

April – Creston Brewing

May – Rockford Brewing

June – Grand Rapids Brewing/Hopcat

July- Cedar Springs Brewing

August-  Brass Ring Brewing

September – Railtown Brewing

October – White Flame Brewing

November – Greyline Brewing

December – Two Guys Brewing

2 Replies to ““Thursty Thirsday””

  1. I’m not sure who monitors the site, but as a new club member I’m seeking help with a carbonation problem on a barrel aged ‘extract’ Wee Heavy at 9% ABV. I primed with about 20 ml of a US-05 yeast starter in 3 oz of corn sugar for bottling. There’s virtually no carbonation after two weeks at 65F, and noticeable sweetness. Wondering if I should have used a more alcohol tolerant yeast, is there anything I can do now such as dose each bottle, or should I just give it a shake and more time?? Thanks for any advice. Ian

  2. Ian, while the webpage does get checked regularly, our Facebook page is probably a better place for this as it gets more traffic. I will copy your comment and put it on the Primetime Facebook page. Cheers!

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