Brewer of the Year

2017 – Standings


Brewer Points
Jeremy Gavin 60
Chad Zomerlei 60
Jesse Colclasure 56
Paul Curran 16
John Applegarth 12
Brent Zomerlei 12
Kathy Troxell 8
Jeff Carlson 8
Steve Naylor 4
Frank Landgraff 4
Greg Barnhardt 4

January Results – Pale American Ale (18 a-b)

1st – Jeremy Gavin

2nd – Jesse Colclasure

3rd – John Applegarth

Last- Greg Barnhardt

February Results –  Belgian Ales (24 a-c)

1st -Chad Zomerlei

2nd -Jesse Colclasure

3rd -Brent Zomerlei

Last-Matt Moss

March Results  –  All Extract-Any Style (Steeping Grains Allowed)

1st -Jeremy Gavin

2nd -Kathy Troxell

3rd -Jesse Colclasure/Chad Zomerlei

Last-Greg Barnhardt

April Results -Best of Cellar Cider (C1 and C2)

1st -Chad Zomerlei

2nd -John Applegarth

3rd – Steve Naylor

Last-Kathy Troxell

May Results – American IPA (21 a)

1st – Jeremy Gavin

2nd – Jesse Colclasure

3rd – Chad Zomerlei

Last- Greg Barnhardt/Ian Purvis

June Results – Beer and Food Pairing 

1st – Jesse Colclasure  (Juicy IPA with Paprika Bacon Chicken)

2nd – Jeff Carlson (Oat Pale Ale with Quinoa Jambalaya)

3rd- Paul Curran (Pale Ale with Blackberry Bread Pudding)

Last- It’s All Good, Bruh.

July Results  – Best of Cellar Beer

1st – Paul Curran

2nd – Brent Zomerlei

3rd – Frank Landgraff


August Results – European Sour (23 a-f) 

1st – Jeremy Gavin (Berliner Wiess)

2nd – Jesse Colclasure (Berliner Wiess)

3rd – Chad Zomerlei (Oud Bruin)

Last- Paul Curran (Oud Bruin)

September Results  – Dark European Lager (8 a-b)

1st – Chad Zomerlei (Munich Dunkel)

2nd – Jeremy Gavin (Schwarzbier)

3rd – GReg Barnhardt (Munich Dunkel)

Last- Jesse Colclasure (Schwarzbier)

October Results – Baltic Porter (9 c)

1st – Chad Zomerlei

2nd – Jesse Colclasure

3rd – Jeremy Gavin

Last- Paul Curran

November Results – Best of Cellar Mead (M1-M4)

1st –

2nd –

3rd –


December Results –   NO Compitition Christmas Party