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Every year Primetime Brewers holds a Brewer of the Year contest in which the members compete in monthly style competitions.   Points are accrued during the year and the Brewer with the most points is annointed/crowned/named PRIMETIME BREWERS BREWER OF THE YEAR.

Competition Format: Entrants will bring two 12oz bottles (or equal amount in a growler) of a beer that matches the monthly style.  Judging is based on BJCP Style Guidelines.  All entrants are expected to participate in judging also.  The judging panel will select the First, Second and Third place entries based on a BJCP Scoresheet (example).   First place receives 12 points, second receives 8 points and third receives 4 points.

Congrats to Chad Zomerlei on winning 2017’s Homebrewer of the Year!!!


2017 Chad Zomerlei

2016 Jesse Colclasure

2015 Jeremy Gavin

2014 Jason Zomerlei and Chad Zomerlei

2013 Jason Zomerlei

2012 Brent Zomerlei

2011 Rachel Holland

2010  John Applegarth & Paul Bierlein

2009  Eric Fouch

2008  Eric Fouch

2007  Paul Bierlein

2006  Jeff Carlson

2005  Dan Humphrey

2004  Dan Humphrey

2003  Jeff Carlson

2002  John Applegarth

2001  Jeff Carlson

2000  Eric Fouch