January 2006 Pilsener Potatoes Recipe

February 2006 HBD Article on wort oxygenation

March 2006 Articles:  The end of Prohibition and Irish Pubs.

April 2006 John Applegarth’s Imperial IPA Recipe

May 2006 John Applegarth’s Chipolte Ale recipe, A tutorial on Mead Tasting.

June 2006 Jeff Carlson makes the the top 9 finalists for the Sam Adams Longshot.  The MSF Club Trophy is announced.  Hogtoberfest Seed is planted.

July 2006 Jeff medals x4 at the AHA, and begins his national cider dominance. Article on Hops vs. prostate cancer

September 2006 PTB Wins the MSF!  John Applegarth drinks beer in the UK.

October 2006 1st Annual Hogtoberfest report.  Stan Hiernonymus’ Gold Medal Trappist recipe

November 2006.1 Jeff’s GABF Report Part 1

November 2006.2 Jeff’s GABF Report Part 2.  Recipes:  Wisconsin Sausage Soup.  West Side Extra Foreign.

December 2006 The Christmas Party flyer

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