January 2007 GLOWS Winners announcement. Article on the Alaskan Brewing Co 20th anniversary.

February 2007 Eric Fouch’s article on tree grafting.  Saugatuck brewery expansion announcement.

March 2007 Eric’s write up on the Winter Beer Festival.  A list of beer quotes.

April 2007 Josh Johnson motorizes his grain mill.

May 2007 Sam Adams Better Beer Glass.  Sicilianos Homebrew Competition results.

June 2007 Matt Bixler install a new bar.  Rex Halfpenny’s sensory evaluation.

July 2007 Classic Beer Cocktails

September 2007 John Applegarth drinks beer in Russia.  Hogtoberfest II.  PTB Wins the MSF Again.

October 2007 The Great Hops Shortage of 2007.

December 2007 Christmas Party edition.  Article on Sam Adams Imperial Pilsener.

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