January 2008 Article about organic brewers and distillers.

February 2008 Eric takes over as PTB Prez

March 2008 Eric’s article on the Winter Beer Festival.  Eric’s Dunkel recipe, Tom’s Robust Porter recipe.

April 2008 Big Brew 2008 Recipes

May 2008 Dan Humphry’s Chocolate Porter Recipe.  Reports on: Sicilianops Homebrew Party.  Kilgore’s Trout Party.

June 2008 Larry Bell starts buying farms to grow his barley.

July 2008 Report on the AHA Conference.  Article on Diacetyl.

September 2008 Josh Johnson’s article on water types per beer style.  Bourbon Barrle Barleywine recipe.

October 2008 John Applegarth drinks beer in Europe.  More beer and water from Josh Johnson.

November 2008 The Hideout makes beer with locally grown hops.  Hogtoberfest 3 Report.

Christmas Flyer 2008

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